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Changes happening sooooo fast!!! 

The past few weeks have been a blur of crazy activity and LOTS of changes! After leaving Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, we performed at The Knotty Pine in Pine Bluffs, the senior center there and Beer and Loathing in Kimball Nebraska. We continue to learn more about our market, who "Wants" what we have and being open to opportunities as they arrive. Sometimes we never know what that is going to look like. We started this journey with a goal to bring music to communities that LOVED the music we love and who couldn't get to it easily (like senior care, assisted living, Alzheimer/Dementia). Since then we have found there are other markets who love what we do and want to support us in making a living at what we do. We have expanded into festivals, saloons, bars, private events, house parties, you name it, if there is a need, we will do our best to fill it! These new opportunities and venues allow us to keep funding our original mission!!! 

As we continue to learn, shift and grow into new markets we are always open to learning more and reach more communities around the country and beyond. We are so grateful for the fans and friends we get to meet, catch up with and spend time with as we travel. This journey would be very boring without all of you in it!! 

Just this last week we took a tour of our friends embroidery shop ACED Embroidery of Newcastle, WY (watch the live video on our Facebook page). Earl and Demah Beldon opened their business about the same time we were starting our journey just a bit over a year and a half ago. While we were there they created new merchandise products for our website!! We got to be a part of the process, watch each step as they took our logo and transformed it into a masterpiece. Our logo is now available on Men's and Women's Ball Caps!! They are very comfortable and definitely something I know we will get LOTS of use out of. Check them out on our web store. That brings me to more exciting changes!!! This week I created from ground up our brand new website!!! Our business is growing so fast and with so many changes happening so quickly we were really in need of having a web site platform that we could easily add to or change on a moments notice. Thanks to a community I joined a few months ago (Female Musician Academy/Female Indie Musician Community) I was introduced to a platform that is exactly what we needed. The platform is called Bandzoogle. This has given me an idea! Over the past 2 years I have become very good at social media growth and realizing that I have a skill in building content. So, I am now offering business/social media/website coaching to other business owners. Several people have shared with me recently that they would love to learn to do what I do :) Who knows where this will take you in your business?!?! Contact me for more information and until next time...take care of each other and let the adventures continue <3

On the road again... 

Here is our latest update! After leaving Grand Junction, CO about a month ago now we made it to a place called Terry Bison Ranch just south of Cheyenne, WY just over a week ago. We do our best to book our tour dates (and stays) months in advance. However, there are those times that we fly by the seat of our pants and just trust that everything is going to work out just the way it is supposed to (it just may not look the way you think it will lol)!!!

Although I had been working very closely with the powers that be for our stay and nailing down a date for a performance; with Cheyenne Frontier Days being their busiest time of season, our answer was very delayed. So here we are arriving on location without a confirmation that we will be staying, playing or moving down the road and we don't need to be at our next location for about two more weeks!!! There are times like these that we get a bit nervous of the unknown; will we have running water, power to cook, bathroom facilities a ton of questions start to create some fear and stress. Joshua asked me to keep trying to contact and negotiate a solution that would work for us, as well as for the Ranch. Thanks to Joshua's persistence I was able to connect with powers that be to solidify our stay and our show dates. This was a very successful experience in the Cheyenne area, we planted lots of seeds in the surrounding areas and look forward to returning next year (working on booking those dates now)! 

Watch our live interviews with the staff and videos about our experiences at The Terry Bison Ranch on our Facebook page and be sure to tell their amazing staff hello from the The Band Wanted when you visit :) 

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Healing Piano Favorites With Joshua Carpenter

The Band Wanted

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The long awaited release of healing piano favorites from his travels around the country. At each performance Joshua shares his talent of writing music on the fly, each song unique and written from his heart! Here is a collection of original piano favorites from these performances.

Expected release: December 31, 2018

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